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The Group shall be a non-profit making organization registered in accordance with the Non Profit Making Organisations (Jersey) Law 2008.

The Group will promote knowledge of Human Rights Standards through research, publication and the dissemination of information, monitor human rights standards in Jersey, examine existing and proposed laws and practices in Jersey for compliance with Human Rights standards and lobby for reform in order to achieve compliance with Human Rights standards.

Raise funds for the Group's declared purposes.

Recruit membership from any persons who share the aims of the group.

Contact details
Chairman : Montford Tadier
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Secretary : Nick le Cornu
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Treasurer : David Eaves{short description of image}
Press Officer : Bob Hill
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Our meetings are normally held once per month (other than August and December), on the last Monday of the month.


Our next monthly meeting will be : Monday November 24.

We meet at the States Chambers - please meet in the Royal Square just outside the States Chambers at the left hand steps at 5.30pm prompt.

Anyone is welcome to join. Please fill in the application form and bring it with you to the next meeting. Or simply turn up for the next meeting!

Our guest at the February meeting was Monsr. Florian Fayolle, a young french journalist.

Speakers at recent meetings

Congratulations to both our secretary Nick le Cornu and member Sam Mezec for
their successful electoral campaigns in St. Helier districts 1 and 2 respectively. If you would like to get in touch with any Member of the States their contact details should be available within the pages
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